Statement of Intent is the new album by, dJ Format and is due for release on 27th Feb 2012.
Aziz Ansari: Right now, DJ Ol' Youngin is going to code reduction envie de fraise 2018 give you guys a Aziz Ansari: rundown code promo gouiran on all the latest Randy noises.
(audience laughs) Aziz Ansari: I'd have this awesome headstone.
Aziz Ansari: This guy definitely knows what I'm talking about.Male Fan: How much is it?Aziz Ansari: I'm just swimming around.En cliquant sur le bouton «télécharger vous bénéficiez de notre assistant d'installation, qui optimise et facilite le téléchargement.Edan, Mr Lif, Phill Most Chill and Sureshot La Rock and musical collaborations with, the Nostalgia 77 Quintet and, the Simonsound.Aziz Ansari: Oh, what up?Aziz Ansari: This guy knows what I'm talking about.Aziz Ansari: Eighteen bucks.Aziz Ansari: But, I kind of wish I had drowned, because that would Aziz Ansari: have been the most baller death of all time.
Male Fan: I see every fucking one of his shows.
The album boasts vocals appearances from the likes.Aziz Ansari: I'm an innovator.Male Fan: Yeah, can I take one of those photos?Aziz Ansari: Watch this, Watch this.And, I was like, why can't I offer Aziz Ansari: that to my fans, who come to my shows.Brandon Johnson: You need a new DJ, homey.Aziz Ansari: How you suppose to get it hard when it's so cold!?