The heavy punch of the Poison is still the best response to gusty onshore conditions.
The Gaastra Poison is a super-nice power wave sail with a fairly unique trait of being quite a forward pulling sail when it isnt loaded, and a more rearward pulling sail (and very stable) once loaded.
Gaastra poison.4 2013 test review.
M /users/ m, openID.The Poison almost feels quite forward pulling and flat until the sail powers up a bit, and then the power arrives on the back hand.( more informations gaastra Poison 2016, downloads, name, description.The deep profile located slightly to the back ensures the 2012 Poison is still the most powerful sail in our wave range.Despite having plenty of power, once filled out the Poison actually has quite a soft and forgiving power delivery, ensuring that you wont be pulled off your feet every time a gust hits or you sheet.Gaastra is an international, functional and nautical sportswear brand with an intense passion for sailing and the sea.At the top end it remains perfectly controlled and very stable its just that theres a lot of power to deal with.At.91kg the sail isnt overly heavy, but it is on the heavier side of this group.Intended for more onshore use and/or larger riders, it sits coupon reduction maison du monde in-between the softer Manic/Manic HD and IQ 4-batten/compact sails in their wave program.Heavi- er sailors will appreciate the fuller seams that can be tuned for more or less power- whatever your prefer!On the wave its quick to flick into neutral and is very light and throwabout in manoeuvres.
The draft is set in the middle and is light on the backhand with solid drive.
The Poison sports one of the shorter luffs at 423cm while retaining a fairly average boom length.
Its a decent jumping sail and offers excellent control in the air as well as being easy on landings.The pull point is slightly (and intentionally) back-handed, but with a very controlled back-hand power.Gaastra 12,5 in 7 knots.The Verdict, the Gaastra Poison isnt the most powerful of power wave sails but its light handling and easy-to-control nature make it very effective for riders of all weights in either bump and jump or onshore wave riding conditions.Just sheet in and gusty winds or strong currents are no longer an issue.Whether you are in wavy or flat water conditions the Poison is an excellent choice.Dur- ing the development we used the prototypes in all kinds of conditions, from barely planing onshore, to South Af- rican strong offshore and peeling hollow waves conditions.The bottom-end grunt is ample for getting up and going early in light winds and we found it could also be pumped very effectively for even earlier planing.Bigger riders and less experienced riders will especially love the extra power in the Poison when passing the shore break.North Volt.3, point-7 Sado.4, rRD Move.2.